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Chinese name:love accompanying

As the name suggests, the children go with it, and love to follow where the children know the location and status anytime.

·LED Watch/Phone:
Normally, it is a kid watch. In fact, it can support GSM features. GSM/GPS/BT
·Waterproof Grade is IP65
·Low sensitive silica gel without toxicity
·If the wristband is cut or disconnected, parents will
get the alarm message. ( If this feature is illegal in your
country, we can disable it. )
·Your kid gets the crash, you will get the alarm message, too.
Parents can set "crash level",or disable it.
·Non-expansion gel polymer Li-ion batteries which will
not hurt your kid.
·You go to the supermarket or an amusement park and
your kid is far away from you, you will get the alarm
message, too.
·If you want to manage lots of children, then
set a management zone to restrict. When
someone not in this zone, the alarm message
will be sent to inform you.

Note: If some alarm
functions make you
troubled, you can
disable it anytime.

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